Timeless Design

for real families living real lives

You’ll never have to say, “This is why we can’t have nice things” again.

Timeless Design of a Modern Farmhouse Entryway with hooks on the wall with a bag and coat hanging and a bench below

Does this sound familiar?

Are you hiding from your kids in the bathroom while reading this on your phone right now?

Is the chaos on the other side of the door too much to handle?

Does it feel like your children and fur children have taken over your home?

Are you starting to wonder if I’m spying on you because this is all entirely too accurate?

Timeless design living room with a white sofa, coffee table and wood paneled walls

I understand because
I’ve been there

I’ve been the one cleaning up the grape jelly smeared across my white walls, whispering under my breath, “This is why we can’t have nice things.”

Too many times to count.

You live a busy life. Your children have more energy than energy itself, and if you’re like the clients I work with, you probably feel like half your life is spent bringing them to sports games and the other half is spent washing smelly soccer jerseys and socks.

I’m here to reassure you that you CAN have nice things. You can have a home that’s cozy, welcoming, and provides you with a refuge from the outside world and chaos of the day-to-day.

You don’t need to wait for your kids to leave the nest and fly the roost, either!

Timeless design for real families living real lives

I’m probably the only interior designer in New Hampshire who can be caught watching The Real Housewives as an example of
what NOT to do in your home.

Well-thought, timeless design isn’t about opulence and way-too-expensive vases in your entryway. Your home should provide functionality, an increased sense of ease, and welcome you in at the end of a long day. You don’t need to choose between beauty and function.

Ready to design a real space that lives and breathes alongside your real family, no matter their ages and stages?

You’re in the right place if…

I’ve walked in your shoes

I’ve had the end tables I salvaged from my first apartment as my living room centerpiece and wondered what on earth I was still doing with it 15 years later.

I’ve been so embroiled in my kiddo’s extracurricular activities that I haven’t put time and effort into making our family house a home.

And I know the impact and transformation a home designed with function, beauty, and your day-to-day life in mind can provide.

When you have a home that allows you to spend quality time with your family and a space of your own to curl up with your morning coffee, (on a sofa that you don’t have to cover in plastic to protect it) you feel at peace. You can look around and say, “Ahhh…. This is what it’s like to have nice things.”

A space designed just for your family will give you a sense of ease, calm, comfort.

Because real life is chaotic enough.

Timeless design living room with gray couch and throw pillows with artwork hanging above and a coffee table
Angela Hall New Hampshire Interior Designer

Meet the designer

Hi! I’m Angela Hall

I’m the laidback, approachable and fun Interior Designer who’s been in your shoes.

Since then, I’ve realized the importance of selecting pieces for my home that not only reflect me and my family, but can also stand up to the wear and tear that comes from a real family, living real life.

I’ve experienced first hand the difference of waking up every day in a home I’m proud of and love, while not having to worry about my son tossing his muddy shoes in the wrong spot.

Now, I LOVE helping other moms find this freedom too. I’m the design momcierge that takes it all on so you don’t have to. I handle everything from design concept to installation to renovation project management.

Are you ready to start designing a real home for your family’s REAL life?

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Holistic Design bathroom with double vanity and bathtub

You work hard enough! I take the stress of the design process of your plate so you can enjoy real life and time to do what you love.

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A staged home is a sold home! Professional home staging can move your house faster so you can move on.

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Exclusive access to an expert interior designer for a whole day focused on YOUR design needs and space.

I make it simple to work with me!

Life’s complicated enough

We start with a home design coffee chat to discuss your vision and unique struggles. Then we’ll see where I can meet your needs and go from there! Your life is complicated enough, which is why I make it simple and straightforward to hire me and get started.

What real families have to say about working with me:

“Angela is a dream partner to make changes in your home. The accent wall she recommended is truly a game-change for the cozy feeling in our living room. It just changes the feel of the entire house. Highly recommend Angela, just get started with an initial call and the rest is pure magic!” – Amy B.

“Angela Hall is full of magnificent ideas to bring your decor dreams to life. [She’s the] go-to business for staging, redesign, and finding the perfect touches to make your home your dream home, or sellable at the highest price. She lives and breathes design all day to make your home projects so much easier.” -Nancy W.

“There is a sea of information, pictures and design inspiration out there, but distilling it all down on my own was so daunting and I was so overwhelmed and scared I’d make a choice we’d regret down the road. We could NOT have done this without your help and are STILL in love with the final product.” -Heidi B.

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