How Design Can Help You Create the Life You Want Most

How design can help craft project with scissors, tape and papers and pencils

Now that we’re at the start of a new year, it’s time to tackle those new year’s resolutions. Did you know that interior design can play a role in creating new habits and motivate you to take action? It can! In this blog post, I’m going to share a few design ideas to help in supporting the most common new year’s resolutions.

Goal 1. Feeling Organized & In Control

My first tip is to get organized. By doing this, it will save you time to allow you pursue the tasks you need to accomplish to meet your goals. It also gives you peace of mind – and who doesn’t wish for that? When tackling a design project for a client, organization and everything having a place is usually at the forefront of our mutual goals.

From there, I dive deep into their family and the activities they enjoy, where they enjoy them, and what items need easy access to for those activities. For example, for a family that enjoys watching movies on Friday nights, I might add a coffee table with storage for extra blankets and pillows into my plans. For a family that has a dining room that serves double duty as both a place for meals and place for arts and crafts, I might add a sideboard that’s deep enough to fit clear bins of different art supplies that are easily accessible for kiddos to grab and use then put away when done.

Goal 2. More Daily Mindfulness

Mindfulness is key in making sure you’re able to carry about any goals you set out for yourself – new year’s related or not. Although mindfulness might look different to different people, my approach in addressing it from a design perspective is the same.

Much like how I approach organization with clients in the last tip, I dig deep into their goals and the activities they want to accomplish to help reach those goals. From there, it’s identifying the new spaces that can be created within the confines of a preexisting footprint. If a goal is to be tech-free within certain rooms, I might factor in a charging station within the entry-way/mudroom to dock phones once the family comes home. Or, if my client wants a quiet place to read, it’s identifying a place for a reading nook and bringing in items to ensure it’s both cozy and well-lit.

Goal 3. Increase Physical Activity or Exercise

Increasing physical activity is probably one of the most common new year’s resolutions. While I’m not a health and fitness expert, I do know that the best physical activity you can incorporate into your daily routine is the one you enjoy the most! By being thoughtful about the spatial design you use to participate in that activity, you’re going to be more likely to actually enjoy it and continue with it consistently. For example, if yoga is up your alley, think about positioning your yoga mat in front of your window so you’re next to the warm sunlight and can find peace with the beauty that’s right outside your door. If you don’t have that ability in your home, you can easily add some beautiful plants or artwork depicting nature into your yoga space.

Let’s face it. New year’s resolutions aren’t always easy – otherwise, you’d be crushing them well before January 1st! But, if you get some support from your environment by making some small design changes, it can absolutely help you in reaching your goals and inspire some new ones!

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