What if I Don’t Have a Permanent Home Office?

Home office Bob Ross bobble head

The pandemic has really turned our worlds upside down. We all had to adjust to everyone working and going to school from home. Most homes aren’t really designed to be co-working spaces. As a result, many of us (myself included) have had to move from location to location without a permanent workspace to call “home”.

I show you Exhibit 1 – my workspace at the beginning of the pandemic.

This is literally one of my end tables in my living room and I worked while sitting on my couch, supervising my son and his remote learning.

Through my experience, I’ve crafted some some tips to help others navigate the workspace nomad life:

1) Have a place to store what you need that can be easily moved from location to location.

This can be anything from a giant laptop bag to a rolling cart. We actually used the latter for my son when he was remote learning to wheel around all of his school/art supplies to different locations throughout our home.

2. Keep physical paperwork to a minimum.

The last thing you want is to be looking for a piece of paper or an important document, only to realize it’s somewhere else in your house, and have to retrace your steps to find it. Some of the tools I use to manage paper clutter include:


Not only do I use this to store files, but to share large files with others. It’s a great help for me if I have to send over large documents that I can’t easily attach in an email.

Trello is essentially an online bulletin board where you can create virtual post-it notes for whatever purpose you need. I use it to organize my clients at each point within my project with them, brainstorm ideas, and create checklists. You can also assign due dates to items to keep yourself on task.

3. Make sure wherever you relocate to has the following:

  • Easy access to outlets so you’re able to keep your computer, cell phone, and any other electronics charged and ready to go.
  • Climate control. The last thing you want is to be sweating profusely or constantly shivering while you’re trying to work.
  • Noise control. You don’t want Paw Patrol blasting behind you in the background. If you can’t control the noise, headphones are pretty clutch in times like this.

4. Keep virtual backgrounds handy.

You never know what your background is going to look like from day to day if your workspace isn’t permanent and you have Zoom calls all day. Nobody wants to see piles of laundry or your dirty dishes.

5. Have small touches you can use to create a personalized workspace wherever you go.

These can include a small succulent, a photo of your family, or even Baby Bobblehead Bob Ross.

There you have it – my tips and tricks for living that workspace nomad life!

If you’re getting ready to transition to a permanent home office, I can help! Set up a design coffee chat to get started!

Until next time…

Happy Designing!

Angela 🙂

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